Pacifica Tiny Homes currently has 2 standard models to choose from for an economical price, The Bay Cottage and Tiny Victorian. Each model has a different shape and look, but they both come in a 20 ft long trailer, with a 150 sq ft floor, and 62sq ft  loft, for a total of 212 sq ft. 

The floor plan for both tiny homes are identical. Each of our standard models can be modified within reason for the same price. 


Each of our tiny house standard models comes with the essentials. They include the following: sofa bed, ac/heater unit, stove/cooktop, refrigerator, washer/dryer combo, shower, toilet, sink, television, water heater, and Queen size mattress with pillows and a cover. We have also included a GPS tracker in all of our tiny homes that can allow you to track your home incase of theft.

Business Model

Pacifica Tiny Homes also offers the option of using a tiny house for a business. The business model is a great idea for those that want the convenience of having their own space, without having to pay for a commercial office, and the flexibility of moving to another location when they see fit. More information coming soon...


Our standard models and pricing are for a 20ft. long trailer, but they can be ordered to be up to 30 ft. long. Pricing for longer trailers vary. The options for sizes can be seen in the image underneath. Also check out our sponsors Iron Eagle Trailers

Bay Cottage virtual tour

Tiny Victorian virtual tour