Our Story

Who We Are

Hi, we are Crystal and Josue, the owners of Pacifica Tiny Homes. We have been together since we were teenagers, and have had so many adventures throughout the years. Here is a little about us.

Crystal was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and has a love for education and reading. She graduated with two Bachelors and a Masters, and is currently an English teacher. 

Josue was born in Mexico City, and grew up in Los Angeles, CA. He has dedicated himself to being a plumber, and is always looking for ways to use his knowledge and expertise to help people. He is also working on getting a Math degree.

A few years ago, we lived in Michoacan, Mexico, where we began our journey into innovation and creativity. While there, we tried our hands at different things, such as growing corn, raising pigs, selling meat, and making carnitas. Josue learned about the construction process while working with his uncle in Mexico, and saw how arduous labor can be without all the technology we are used to here in the U.S. If anything this also helped us appreciate the simple things even more. While in Mexico, we strove to live a peaceful and simple lifestyle, by learning about traditional ways of doing things, appreciating all that the land has to give, and becoming more connected to the environment and each other. 

Although, we both come from Mexican families, it wasn't until we were living in Mexico as adults that we could make more sense of the destitute conditions and figure out ways to help. In most Latin American countries and elsewhere, people have to buy tanks of gas regularly in order to warm up their water, and use it to cook, which can become very expensive.  One day, Josue got the idea to create his own solar water heater. He made a very simple one with a black hose, and a small tank for less than $10 that warmed up water instantly and kept it hot for a few hours. From there, he started working to develop bigger and better ones, while still keeping the cost low. He began getting clientele, and creating water heaters for people in his hometown, so that they did not have to rely on gas tanks anymore. He was also hired by the local government to create a solar water heater big enough to heat showers for a soccer team. From there, Josue has continually used his ingenuity to find ways to help others, by providing needs and services in a more accessible and affordable way. With Crystal's sense of organization and insight, they have both supported each other and worked together to help their communities.

When the tiny house movement began, we both watched the various shows on television and were instantly intrigued. It took a few years before we would actually decide to make one ourselves, although the desire was always there. 

A few years ago, we finally decided to create a tiny house. We bought a trailer, and started figuring out where we were going to build. Josue began his design and we hired his father to begin building it on his property in Los Angeles. His father was a bit skeptical in the beginning about how it was all going to come together, as most people probably do when they first start one, but we had the vision. Once the process started, it took exactly 6 months to complete, by working mainly on the weekends. 

Since we own property in different places, our goal was to build tiny houses to put on our property and rent them out. Many people expressed interest in wanting their own tiny house either for themselves, family, or as an additional source of income. Due to this high interest and need, we decided to begin constructing and selling tiny houses. Our goal is to use our knowledge and resources to provide something that people can call their own, or which they can rent to help themselves economically. Our tiny houses include the essentials that everyone needs to live a comfortable lifestyle, while also making it affordable and accessible for working class people. For whatever purpose you want or need one, we are here to help.

PTH Staff


Fernando Alvarez- Shop Manager

Fernando and his wife Carla are the brains behind our shop. Together, as a husband and wife team, they manage and maintain all of the building materials, schedule, supervise all the trades, and conduct quality control for all of our builds. Fernando has experience as a leader, after running his own shop for several years. He is mechanically inclined, an expert welder, and is an excellent problem solver. Carla has experience running their own small businesses, is a botanist, and has a great eye for details. Together, they have three small boys that they are raising to be capable, independent, and entrepreneurs in their own ways.


Juan Carlos Serrano- Assembly Line Supervisor

With his General B license, Juan Carlos is an all around contractor. He is a professional at electrical, roofing, siding, solar installations, and can make any idea come to life. As a general contractor, he has built a good reputation within and for the city of Corcoran. With his upbeat attitude, he keeps the work environment fun and cheery. Juan Carlos works very hard to provide for his family, and along with his wife are raising two very intelligent and strong daughters.


PTH Crew

Our crew is made up of very hardworking individuals who are dedicated to making sure every tiny house meets all of the necessary safety and inspection standards. One of the main reasons why we are efficient is because of our work force. Our workers come from Corcoran, known as the farming capital of California, and its surrounding areas, which provides people with a great work ethic. From the moment they receive the plans to the day of delivery, our crew is ready and willing to put in the time and effort to make your tiny home dream a reality.