Relief Funds


Pacifica Tiny Homes has developed 3 programs to provide relief. Each program is designed to solve important needs. We welcome you to reach out, if you are in need, or know someone who could benefit from our programs.

Relief Fund 501c-3

We are currently setting up our non-profit and are happy to answer any questions you may have.  We encourage you to donate today so we may help those in need tomorrow. 


1. Tiny Homes for Humanity

All of us here at Pacifica Tiny Homes are committed to helping those who have lost their homes as a result of a disaster or humanitarian crisis. With your contributions, families can be granted a second opportunity, by being gifted a tiny house.

2. Disaster Relief

Through this program, we offer shelter after  an earthquake,  fire, or other disaster. We are here to help by providing a safe and comfortable place to live as an immediate response to a disaster. Through this initiative we are 

also coordinating an effort to increase awareness and support for those left homeless due to a disaster.  

3. Temporary Housing


We offer a temporary housing solution for people who have lost their homes. A tiny house can provide temporary housing while you rebuild your home after a disaster.

Contact Our Team

Kenia Gutierrez


Relief Fund Supervisor

Please contact Kenia if you 

would like to donate to the 

Pacifica Tiny Homes Relief Fund.