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Pacifica Tiny Homes is a family business, that consists of skilled contractors and  plumbers that have been in their respective professions for 15+ years. The tiny houses are designed by Josue, and are built with the help of his father, brother, and shop manager, along with our hard working crew.



Our mission at Pacifica Tiny Homes, is to create quality tiny houses at an affordable price. Due to the housing crisis and increasing rent, particularly in the Bay Area, we know that housing is limited and it is difficult to buy homes. A tiny house provides the opportunity to be independent and own your own piece of property. In this ever growing world, we also see a need for people to want to simplify their lives to get rid of unnecessary stressors, and a tiny home provides just that. 

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All of our tiny houses are inspected and certified. They must pass safety, construction, energy efficiency standards, and rigorous inspections in order to be certified and receive a seal. 

We offer different types of certification to fit your needs: RV, Tiny House, and ADU. For more information check out our Certifications page

2019 Fresno Home Show and 2nd Annual Tiny Home Expo

In this video we feature and discuss our two models, The Bay Cottage and Tiny Victorian. Learn about our certification through Pacific West, and hear from the mouths of young ones why they love living in a tiny home.

The Bay Cottages

The Bay Cottage is a great model, and very versatile. Turn it into a business, ADU, go completely off-grid, or use it as an investment property. 

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Featured Builder of the Month by NOAH December 2018



Where can I place my tiny home?

Finding a place to put your tiny home doesn't have to be difficult. 

Here is some information and tips on how to find a spot for your tiny home.

Tiny House Placement (pdf)



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