Bay Cottage $37,900


Our Bay Cottage is named after the Bay Area, which is where the first model was built right near the ocean. This model features a sloped roof, which gives it a modern feel, and provides more headspace in the loft area because of the roof style. It has two tones on the exterior, and big windows on the main living space as well as the loft so that you can have beautiful views of your surroundings, whether it be the ocean, mountains, farm land, beautiful trees or rivers. 


This model comes fully furnished with the essentials: sofa bed, ac/heater unit, cooktop, refrigerator, shower, toilet, sink, television, water heater, fold down table, stairs that serve as closet storage, a Queen size mattress, humidity sensor, and RV connections. We also include a GPS tracker in all of our tiny homes that can allow you to track your home at all times.

Custom Options

Each home has some custom options included in the price that you can choose to make the tiny home more of your own, such as: metal or shingle roof, shiplap/cedar or a combination of both for siding, floor color, exterior paint color, countertop, ceiling fan or chandelier, sofa bed color, refrigerator color, and other choices. 

Upgrades & Add-On's

  • Upgrades can be made to appliances and the countertop
  • Add-on's include a washer/dryer combo, dishwasher, tankless propane water heater, propane range stove, and bathtub. Off-grid options include composting, rain harvesting and solar panels with battery station.
  • Solar panels with battery station are supplied by Ape Energy

Size & Trailer Information

This model begins at $37,900 for a standard 20 ft. trailer with the essential furnishings. 

It has a 150 sq. ft floor, and 62 sq. ft  loft, for a total of 212 sq. ft. Our standard models and pricing are for a 20ft. long trailer, but they can be ordered to be up to 30 ft. long. 

All of our trailers are supplied by the best tiny home trailers, Iron Eagle Trailers. The options for sizes can be seen in the image underneath. Check out our sponsors Iron Eagle Trailers

All new 26 ft. Bay Cottage

This 26 ft. Bay Cottage features many upgrades: 2nd loft, catwalk, propane stove, bathroom with full tub and shower, plus so much more.

26 ft. Bay Cottage Virtual Tour

Bay Cottage

Check out this great video of our latest 20 ft. Bay Cottage model! This model comes with shiplap throughout and cedar siding on the ceilings. It features a quartz countertop, and a range stove.  

Shiplap and Cedar Bay Cottage

All Cedar Siding Bay Cottage